Alright, so many of you might not really know what shifting is. Well, to sum it up, shifting is basically taking on a different mindset other than your own. You still have full control of your body, you just think differently and act differently when in this mindest. It is also possible to physically shift, as kind of a shapeshifting. But that is extremely difficult to do.

Therians use shifting to get into their other, usually animal, mindset. Now, I have thought of an easier way to physically shift, using some other techniques. So, that way, in sense, along with mentally shifting, you can also physically shift into what you are trying to shift in to.

To kind of quickly run down how to shift, mentally, you first need to clear your mind. Think of the thing that you want to shift in to. For this rundown, I will be using a wolf as an example. Think of this wolf, and how wolves act. Think of how they walk, move, think, see, and other attributes that wolves have. Now, harness all this information into your chest. Now imagine all of the energy expanding. Feel it expand to fill up your whole body, and then push it through your arms and legs. For this to  work properly, if you thought that the wolf walks on four legs, you should probably fall to the ground, if you are standing up. Then, take all of that information you have previoulsy thought of, and bring that to your head. You should be able to feel a wolf inside of your body, kind of using it as a suit. Now, that is just my technique for shifting. But, that is basically a start on how to do it.

Now to get to my theory about physical shifting. In order to physical shift, you REALLY need to put most of your thoughts and enegy into shifting a small part of your body, like your fingernails, or something like that. I have not devoloped a good way to p-shift just yet. BUT, I have thought of a way, using biokinesis and quantokinesis. 

Now, I don't know much about either, so I can't give much specifics on how I would work this out, but I think using those two techniques with shifting will definitely help make shifting more possible. I mean, I am sure that p-shifting already involves those two techniques, they just aren't harnessed enough in the shifting process. So, if someone was to try to p-shift, they could bring in some techniques of biokinesis, and quantokinesis to make this more acheviable than it is. 

Now, I didn't come up with all of this on my own. HeroOfRage also kind of helped me come up with this too. Plus, he taught me how to shift. So that is cool.

Well, I think that concludes this blog. Any questions, talk to me, or Hero.


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