Wow, I make a lot of blogs. Well, I didn't want to make my shifting category small, so I will add more to it! These will be about my beginnings of shifting! So, one of my friends taught me how to shift. He told me that he had some therian friends, and he showed them how to shift better than they had before. So, I was kind of interested. He told me that he tried shifting, and it workied for him! He couldn't do a wolf shift, but he could do an interesting kind of vampiric shift. So, after he kind of explained how to do it, I had to think of what I wanted to try my first shift as. I remember trying to do a walf shift before we had hung out that day. But that was before I knew how to properly shift. But my wolf shift couldn't walk on four legs. And I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of him with my crappy wolf shift. 

Anyway, back to the actual story. So, while thinking of what I wanted to shift into, he mentioned just trying a vampiric shift. So, I gave it a shot. I tried to refocus my energy into my center, focusing on vampires and there attributes that I knew about. I then let all of that energy flow through me. This is where shit got really crazy. At least, for me. So, I got this really strange buzzing in my spine and my neck. Then this weird adrenaline rush kicked through my neck and up to my head, and I let out this incredibly sharp and loud hiss. My shoulders also did this, weird move thing. Like, they went back and then jerked forward. 

After fully shifting into this "vampiric" state, I got this huge burst of energy and started running around and jumping a lot. Then when I spoke to my friend, my voice was super scratchy, and I kept hissing ath things. But that only lasted for about 4 minutes, until I stopped focusing on it, and I dropped the voice, and the energy went away. So that was a really interesting day, nontheless.

Anyway, that concludes this blog!


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