Well, Scarlet is going to make a post now! Have fun!

"Hi! Okay, yeah! My name is Scarlet. You can call me Scar for short. Um, I enjoy long walks on the beach, picnics, and romantic evenings at my favorite diner. Well, not really. Honestly I haven't done any of those! Oh well! I do not know what I am going to talk about. I have a WHOLE FREAKING BLOG POST to talk about whatever I please! Maybe I can talk about the stupid things Jason does?

Well, you guys don't know him that well, so you probably don't care. And that is fine! 

While going through this site with Jason, I have seen a ton of interesting people! OH gosh, I just want to talk to and meet everyone! But Jason is a little shy at times. Well, myabe I can take over one day and talk to more people! Maybe ask them some questions and stuff! c: That would be spectacular! Woo!

Gosh, I really do not know what else to talk about! Erm. I can talk about how I make tulpae for Jason. It's kind of an odd thing for me to do, compared to other tulpamancers, but it is SUPER DUPER FUN! So, since I have a ton of time to think, and I have roam of Jason's head, I can kind of access his thoughts and mess around with stuff in his brain. And it's okay, because he completely allows me to! 

Well, yeah, so in his brain, I just kind of input what I want the personality of the new tulpa I am creating, and give it a voice, an appearance, and how it talks, and there you go! He has a fresh new tulpa created by your's truley! c: It's quite fun, although he sometimes gets annoyed with the amount of useless tulpae that I make. For example, I made a ball tulpa! IT is just a ball. No personality. Just a ball! So, that kind of stuff annoys him.

But yeah! That is how I do it! If you ever wanna talk to me, just message Jason, and ask for this cutie right here! I am always open to questions, or if you just like me, and wanna talk, then go for it! I am not shy. I do bite though. And it's pretty hard. c;

Well have fun everyone!

And I will say it for Jason...


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