So, I have went over what Scarlet is like, and if you have been reading some of my other blogs, you should have even met her! By the way, if anyone wants to meet any of my tulpae, please just shhot me a message, and we can talk! 

So, Joseph! Now, he is quite an interesting dude. He is very gentle and calm when it comes to handling situations. He can have a temper at times, but he is really good at controlling it. Joeseph is a serious guy, too. Like, I can't joke around with him a lot, because he either won't seemed amused by it, or he will just shoot me down. 

He has brown, short-ish hair. He wears it down, and it's kinda messy all the time. He isn't the neatest person ever when it comes to appearance. He just wears a big t-shirt, baggy jeans, and he always wears a leather jacket. And boots. He loves boots. Usually in my wonderland, he just kind of kicks back, and relaxes. 

He isn't very active to, yet he stays pretty built. He is kind of small though. He's only like 5 feet! It's kind of silly. But, he is still really awesome, and I love him nontheless! And now, a word from our sponsor:

"Fuck man. I really have nothing to say.  Well, I guess stay in school, and don't do too much drugs."

See? He is SUPER EXCITING, isn't he? "Fuck you man."

(By the way, Joseph was talking in this one.)

Well, that is it for this blog! I feel like writing, so I will probably make a bit more blogs today. Anyway...


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