I am extremely sorry to those i have promised writing techniques to. I have been all tangled up in my research, and, with my new discovery of something extremely powerful, it has gotten me all... Excited? Anyways, I have discovered the recipe for the actual Philosophers Stone, the all powerful amplifier of life energy, transmuting metals to it's final form, turning its very energy to what ever the organism requires (that ingest a small portion of it), rendering it almost immortal, with no need for food, water, or even to breathe. This stone takes 3-5 years to craft, and it is not known whether it really works or not, which is why I want to try it for my self. If it does what it says, then, maybe as a psion, I will try and use the energy directly to see what exactly I can do. If it can turn in to the things that we need to survive, perhaps it can materialize anything. After it's creation, it can easily be doubled over and over again through a special process, which not only makes more of the stone, but amplifies it even further. Laugh if you wish.

I have also been caught up in other subjects of interests as well. Also with the situations at home does not help either, I have found very little time to work on the techniques. Do not worry though, I do plan on writing them down, and, I still have them all listed out for you guys. I am doing what I can. ^^

I apologize for the wait, hopefully it will not be for too much longer. If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment, I will try and answer them as soon as I can. Thank you.

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