Attention all psions. I have come to let you all know of a brand new organization I am starting. This organization, is bent on starting a revolution against the corrupt governments of the world. You see, all over the world, corruption reigns, and no one is standing up against it. We are an Anarcho Communist group, totally against the corruption of societies that reign terror. 1. Anarcho-Communism believes in a classless and moneyless society. No money, means no rich or poor. How this works, is everyone in the society works together in their jobs. Say a farmer makes grapes. All the grapes grown are put in to a special stock pile. People would take what they need, and that is that. Essentially, we are all sharing the resources we collect, together. Their is no more poverty if everyone works together. 2. Communism supports dictatorship, which is not that good. Luckily, this is where Anarchy kicks in. Anarchy eliminates the need for a dictatorship by giving the power to the people, through direct democracy. That means, when a decision must be made, everyone in the society votes for what they think is the better choice. Power to the people!  Anarchy and Communism, two, shall I say, some what bad forms of government, can actually combine to make something absolutely amazing.

A video that may help you understand a little bit on why we prefer Anarcho-Communism: (I take no credit to the video)

Our page:

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