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    My lovelife

    February 4, 2014 by Crow Demoncry

    So I was asked by someone to tell him the stories of my past gf's but I didn't want to write all this just for him so I decided to make a blog instead, The stories are interesting so enjoy!

    1st girlfriend - Ah, My first love. She was a blonde haired girl and her name was Maria, For some reason even tho she didn't have a particular beauty to her I felt attached to her. I asked her out outside a cemetary when I was at the 4-5th grade(Don't quite remember) Now why outside a cemetary? It just happened that time, I didn't plan it to go that way. After 6th grade she left my village and she didn't go to the school I went either so that was the end, Suprisingly tho after 3 years I met her again at my high school, So far we didn't even say hi to eac…

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