Hello everyone, and today I'm making a blog about a new early development method of defence. I showed it to Torquil and he suggested this blog post, so here it is.

I'm only giving you the basics here because it is still in Alpha development (I'll make a blog post of my method development system next week sometime). This device requires a physical object to function and is compatible with all other shield types. This shield uses soemthing like a trinket or keyring etc. to project it's energy field over the user and then solidify as a shield. 

  1. Acquire the object.
  2. Relax/do what you usually do.
  3. visualise you with picking up the object, and it projecting a field over you.
  4. Imagine you setting it down, and then it flowing back to the object.
  5. Add any extra features

This could also be an engage a pre-existing defence. Thiss is a core part of it, from which you can add many extensions to. also, anyone who wishes more information on this device can message me on my wall, although I will be gone from Monday to Friday. Sorry, but I was in a hurry to write this one.

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