Hi everyone, today I'm trying to teach people better ways to protect yourselves. The chance of people ever properly being psychically attacked are pretty low and when you are it's likely to be a low vibrational entity. But better safe than sorry.

Symbols and shapes

These are possibly my favourite protection method because I like symbolism and they last for ages. I prefer to make my own though ancient civilisations have a mass of these.

Some good hapes to use when making protective symbols are squares, crosses, Spirals and triangles.


Colours are excellent for protecting yourself, you should use mainly red and black.

Shield Pointers

  • Use different shapes that intersect and rotate.
  • Use different colours
  • Add spongy layers to absorb the attack
  • Add spikes to fend off attacks
  • Add multiple layers
  • use physically strong shapes, like triangles
  • Be creative!

This should make any attack on you incredibly hard.

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