Ever heard the phrase 'the eyes are the window to the soul?'. I have been doing some research about natural abilities and have found that eye colour might affect natural abilities of people.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are related to energy, the wide open sky, sun energy, electricity, water and it corresponds with the third eye chakra (psychic abilities, clairvoyance etc.), insight and observation and the power of conscious thought.

Black Eyes 

A very mysterious and rare colour that is related with dark, secrecy, night and goddes worship. It is also linked with magic,sex and intuition. They may also have the ability to tap into powerful energies of an unconscious or powerful psychic person.

Brown Eyes

A strong and rich colour at the end of the eye colour spectrum. It is linked with earth, creativity, simplicity, strength, endurance and fertility. People with brown eyes are very connected with nature.

Grey/Gray Eyes

Linked with water, changeability, mysticism and wisdom. People with grey eyes may have mild appearences hiding unstoppable power. Also associated with the unconscious realm and the land of dreams. People with grey eyes may be attuned to the unseen.

Green Eyes

Vibrant and bright eye colours involved with life force, vegetation, rejuvination, youthfullness and health. In the chakra system, green corresponds with the heart chakra which is associates with empathy, compassion and healing powers. People with green eyes can be known to have boundless energy.


Hazel is a compound of browns independence, greens healing qualities, greys fluidity and sensitivity and blues intense vitality. It is a very good eye colour to have if you are training in a wide variety of abilities.

Violet (Rare)

Related with spirituality, nobility, psychic energy, and purity. Corresponds with the crown chakra.

Proof Thus Far

I have tested a few abilities so far for grey eyes. I'm a natural at atmokinesis(supports) because I caused a blizzard on my first try in the middle of spring and can call snow in minutes, Haven't tested any more yet. Leave a note on my message board with your eye colour if you want to help.

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