I've been interested in what affects natural abilities lately and I've come up with a few ideas


We all know this is pretty obvious though I thought it was worth mentioning.

How you were raised up

I've been thinking, but how you are raised or where you are raised seems to make sense. For instance if you were raise up near a river, you are more likely to be good at hyfrokinesis. If you were outdoors alot it could be geok or agrok etc.

Where you live

It is possible that where you live now may affect abilities. So if you live in a city, it might be radiok etc. but it probably won't be agrok.

Weather when you were growing up

If it was raining more than it was sunny, then hydrok, maybe also cryok and atmok etc. if it was sunny more than not you might be pyrok, heliok, photok, etc.

Season when you were born

I think the whole star sign thing is incredibly inaccurate so I thought this might make more sense. For instance, life needs water to grow so spring should be water, Summer is warm so fire, I'm a bit more confused with the next two but autumn may be earth because the leaves fall of trees and rot into the earth, and then winter air because a. its the only one left, and b. the air is very cold. There are more but I don't feel I need to go on.

More to come!!!!

If you have the time test a few of these out and tell me what happens. I think its a combination of them all that decides the one you're best at. Feel free to add more in the comments section. Tip (ask your parents if they are still alive or can remember what the weathers like).

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