Hello there. I know that a lot of people (I'm no exception) find the information on this site misleading. I'm making this blog to share some of my resources with the people who want to expand their sources (me) or are searching for the wrong things, ending up on a site not that different from ours (full of inaccurate and misleading information) Anyway you're welcome.

Uncle Chuckie

Charles Cosimano, also known as Uncle Chuckie, is my personal favourite. He provides accurate information without complex explanations and is also a good source for anyone that builds radionic devices (I think they're cool). The only downside is that he's the type of person who uses this information for some things that I wouldn't do, but I ignore most of those comments, as they appear rarely, usually. He has made a lot of free ebooks including:

  • Elementary Psionics
  • Psionic Power
  • Psionic Magick
  • Psionic Warfare (personal fav)
  • Psionic Psupervillian
  • The Psionic Magician's Gadget Pattern book
  • The Psionic Path

And more. Remember all these books are free to download on his site.

Psionic Self Defence

I must admit I haven't read this as you need to pay but I'm sure if you look there's a free download somewhere. 8P.

This book has good ratings on amazon last I checked though.

Other Sources I've read/heard of

W.E. Butler

John P Doyle

Other Dion Fortune Books

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