Hi everyone, today I'm going to focus on another project (well, really an addon to project psiborg/C.H.E.S.T.). I decided that it is going to be very hard to build this system bye myself, and after a bit of thinking, I decided to create a small workforce to build and maintain the system for me. After that Idea, well, THIS happened.

There will be a a few divisions:


Jeeves is essentially the head of all that goes on and manages where psi constructs with nothing to do go. He is currently operational but lacks a bit of function currently, such as any decent form of AI programming. He is a sort of semi sentient psi ball currently and is acting as a messanger/energy collector.


These constructs are going to build the magority of the system whenever I give them the blueprints and shall first collect energy from the collector I have aleady made on top of my house, then go to work. This is where Jeeves comes in. He splits them up into smaller groups to do different parts of the work. Whenever the system is complete they will become the 'cleaning ladies' of the workforce, for fixing broken parts of the system.


These are for general messages to people. There will be only 3 or 4 of these and they will be some of the Elites in the group.


There will be 3 or 4 guards. These will be armoured psi constructs with weapons. They guard the 'membrane' of the system and the inhabitants.

Slicer Enzymes (Lesser Defences)

Slicer enzymes are based on a cells slicer enzymes, hence the name. These will literally 'slice' psychic attacks to pieces (well, more depatternize them).


These are also from a cell, adding strength to the 'membrane of my energy system.

I will also use various types of membrane to break down attacks into unprogrammed energy and insert it into the system.

Transport Drones

I also got this idea from a cell. These will be pieces of membrane(energy shells) that will comfortably fit smallish psi constructs inside for safe transport. These will transport energy also.

Thanks for reading everyone and leave any ideas in the comments

DaPowerofDaMind (talk) 17:53, April 24, 2013 (UTC)

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