Hello! Today I decided to write a blog on the energy body because I've been meaning to for a long time. As most people who study Psionics know or don't know, we all have a physical, etheric, astral and mental body. Some people may think that the astral and etheric bodies are the same, but they are not.

The Etheric body is a very dense body of energy, which is closely linked to the physical body. This would explain why people with missing limbs can sometimes feel phantom pains, where the arm should be. If you are born without a certain limb though, you will not have these pains because the etheric body, being connected to the physical never developed. The densest part of the etheric body is the aura, the part visible to clairvoyants (FYI I'm progressing quite nicely at this).

The astral body is a less dense etheric body. The astral body cannot affect the physical world physical but the etheric is possibly the closest body to the physical which is why it is believed it is used in telekinesis. The astral body is used in astral projection (ee the link?). Emotions are displayed here first, which can affect the aura.

After that is the mental body. This is where thoughts are usually first appear. There isn't much more about this.

Another interesting topic is ascension, and from some peoples point of view we will ascend into our etheric or astral body etc. and that is good, seeing as the person would also think something along the lines of dimensions becoming more spread out as you go up. Theoretically then we would eventually become formlesss, and almost literally the universe. Anyone who reached that level of ascension would probably become pure energy, probably something like God, or if you are Christian, you would become one with God. I feel it is good to say now these are only opinions that I am expressing in this blog.

Then again, if we ascended in a physical form (a bit confusing), we will probably have to sjift each other ebergy body up a level as well.

Back to the energy bodies. As Uncle Chuckie quite inteligently explained, it starts at the mental level, which affects the astral so on. 

So if you something angers you, the information first registers in your mind, then sets your astral body off, which makes your aura go all wierd. I got this from Uncle Chuckie because I was too lazy to think one up myself.

I have more but I think this is long enough so bye for now!

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