Hey Everyone, sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've been doing some research but mainly I was planning my project and improving my energy manipulation for the project. I have come up with an improved design for the drones, and I'm working on Jeeves 2.0. So anyway, I have a few new Ideas;

Jeeves 2.0

Jeeves 2.0 features a telepathic connection to me, the ability to absorb small amounts of energy, self improvement programming (to a certain extent) and authoritive control of drones. There are a few blocks I put in place (in case he turns wierd)

  • A kill switch
  • Limits on self improvement
  • Loyalty programming

Worker Drones

I have improved my design for these. The new features include a repair arm, loyalty programming, unity consciousness, ability to tap into the energy system to recharge if necessary, telepathic connection to recieve plans and so on. The drones are a work in progress because I have some more features to add.


I am using different methods of defence for this. I'm adding things like sentry turrets, defensins, 'boiling oil'(thick goopy energy designed to burn intruders), archers, mortars, drones equipped with ranged weapons. The list goes on.

I have more but I think this is enough for you to get the gist of what I'm building. If you are interested in other planned features, look them up on my blog. 

Feel free to post any thoughts in the comments :)

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