I've been wondering, and I just thought about string theory for a second. Anyway, string theory suggests that everything consists of strings that move and vibrate at different levels to create matter, essentially. These strings theoretically should have a frequency, and wouldn't that make it energy? Also, it is scientific fact that it is possible to make matter from energy, although it would take incredibly large amounts (for instance, a nuclear bomb would only make a few grams of matter). I'm just wondering if source energy(my favourite)/ki/chi/psi/whatever would have any relation to the 'strings' which make up all matter? (Assuming that string theory is correct).

Second random thought: The different dimensions accesible through astral projection remind me a lot of the big Bang theory. There is a theory that at the highest dimension (or at least at some point) everything is purely source/etc.(again, my favourite, seeing as if matter was made from energy energy would be the source). THis sort of reminds me of the big bang theory, because it started with a singularity and expanded and cooled to form solid matter, and the further up you go the les solid everything becomes and the closer to the singularity of energy you are, as if the dimensions are a timeline that you can travel to different places on.

Third random thought: Why doesn't everyone just accept the fact that there only really is psychokineses? do we really need to divide it up? (Then again that is sort of human nature).

Also before anyone asks me if I watched spirit science, yes I did and that's why I call it source.

Leave any random thoughts you've had in the comments (within reason) and tell me what you think!

DaPower Talk

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