I've been noticing over the past few months that I seem to react to certain events strangely. This has happened on two occasions over the past few months. The first was one day outside of school, when I suddenly had a strange feeling of  incredibly blurry and fuzzy vision, had a pain in my arm and everything I heard sounded strangely metallic. It lasted for a bit, although I could here a few strange whisperings but it eventually faded away. Later that day I found out that my Dad had come off his motorbike (I should probably mention he's into that) and had hurt his arm, Strange? The second time it occured was in public where a girl collapsed of what I thought was sunstroke. I walked over to the area she had been and a wave of energy made the afore mentioned experience occur again. Does anyoe know what this is and If so tell me? I have a few theories but I want your opinion.

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