Hey I just think that we should have more of a structure in the wiki pages. Most of the time it's just something someone copied and pasted from another website. I don't disagree with taking information from other websites its just do we have to leave it exactly as it is? Also I have a good page on the wiki to base this of; the Energy Manipulation page. It's good because it has a tier system and includes the prequisites, detailed techniques along with a few other things.

Suggestion 2: I suggest that we give more strucuture to the categories. We can't just cram it all in to all abilities. My idea is we have 4 main categories; telepathic abilties, psychokinetic abilities, Useful information and misc. Some of you may say, well biokinesis isn't a part of any of them, but it is. Psychokinesis at essence is the ability to manipulate the energy of an object. Biokinesis is the manipulation of genes and all matter in some sense, is energy. It is actually possible to convert energy into matter but it takes alot of energy. For instance, an atomic bomb would only create a few grams of matter. Under useful information would go things such as the chakra page, third eye page and other pages containing useful information for beginners or interested people. Mic. would be for things that don't really fit anywhere. Telepathic abilities would be brain cyclone, exomental projection and other things. 

Suggestion 3: Use more HTML and CSS on the wiki to make it look better.

Suggestion 4: Advertise the Forum a bit more.

Suggestion 5: Use more gifs. They're awesome.

I just want to mention here that on the front page rather than all abilities we would have the main categories with links with HTML and CSS so for instance if you hover over it it will become brighter. We should also use pictures or gifs that describe the categorie best.

Thanks for reading this and I hope that some of my ideas are a help.

DaPowerofDaMind (talk) 17:36, April 8, 2013 (UTC)

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