• DarkSlayerKnight


    May 7, 2013 by DarkSlayerKnight

    Okay, I'm doing classes for the following: Umbrakinesis, Tychokinesis, and Vitakinesis. and the times are as follows

    Umbrakinesis: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 4PM-8PM EST

    Tychokinesis: Saturday and Sunday, whenever I'm on.

    Vitakinesis: Tuesday and Thursday: 6PM-9PM Tuesday, Thursday 4PM-9PM

    If anyone wants to learn anything from me from my other abilities then ask, although my clairs I can't really teach anybody since they're inborn, I'd be happy to do others ^^, these include, but not limited to; Aura Scanning, Astral Projection, Empathy, Remote Viewing, and Shield/Armor manifestation, Energy Manipulation.

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  • DarkSlayerKnight

    Okay so, I was talking to a friend about psionics or whatever you want to call it and it seems that those who weren't naturally born into it have a hard time accepting the validity of it or what have you. Anyway this blog is about those who suffer from the same cause.

    Doubt is a very bothersome thing for someone who wants to learn how to become psychic or proficient in any type of ability ranging from simply making a psi/ki ball to even the most advanced kinetic abilties like Biokinesis or Necrokinesis. If one wishes to do ANY of these things, they must first clear all doubt from their mind, and however they wish to go about doing this can vary in a number of ways.

    Anyway, I'll get to the point instead of rambling on. Everyone has an aspect …

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  • DarkSlayerKnight

    So, I don't think I provided enough information about myself in my last blog, I hope to correct that with this one.

    As some people know already since I've said it numerous times over the wiki, I am a Guardian Demon otherkin, the reason how I know this is because I had a dream of a demon looking in at me and speaking to me, answering simple questions that I had regarding what it was (I'll explain more here if the question is asked.)

    Onto a bit of my personality; I am sadistic, masochistic and cynical, but just because I say these things doesn't necessarily make me evil, or someone who just LOVES to cause pain simply because I can, no, I need very good reason to dish out pain, I would never intentionally harm something if they weren't a threat…

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  • DarkSlayerKnight

    Okay... Where to start....

    Well, to everyone reading this, I am quite happy to be around others with psionic abilities than those that I already have in my life, and am very grateful to meet all of you. Some abilties that I have read here are uite fascinating and I want to try to do, even if I can't do them immediately, plus if I could get a mentor to help me out that'd be nice.

    Onto the next part, I am skilled in Umbrakinesis, as I have a large amount of anger and hatred, I have: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, which seems to have been passed down within my family to me and my little sister. Now as for what I want to learn, the list is as follows: Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Vitakinesis, and maybe Geokines…

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