Okay so, I was talking to a friend about psionics or whatever you want to call it and it seems that those who weren't naturally born into it have a hard time accepting the validity of it or what have you. Anyway this blog is about those who suffer from the same cause.

Doubt is a very bothersome thing for someone who wants to learn how to become psychic or proficient in any type of ability ranging from simply making a psi/ki ball to even the most advanced kinetic abilties like Biokinesis or Necrokinesis. If one wishes to do ANY of these things, they must first clear all doubt from their mind, and however they wish to go about doing this can vary in a number of ways.

Anyway, I'll get to the point instead of rambling on. Everyone has an aspect of their mind that consists entirely of negativity and positivity, the negative aspect will basically say negative things like "I can't do this." or "It won't happen." and "This is impossible." among other things and will sometimes drown out the positive things the mind is saying (I'm pretty sure I don't have to go into the positive things!) If you want to learn ANYTHING here on the psi wikia you HAVE TO DROWN OUT THE NEGATIVE ASPECT SO TO WHERE IT WON'T EVEN AFFECT THE THINGS YOU'RE TRYING TO LEARN!  I'll list some ways of how to shut that part of your mind.

  1. Try meditating and focusing on what you're trying to learn, don't think about how you won't be able to do anything here or wherever else.
  2. Try listening to music that suggests you being able to do the "impossible".
  3. Block out the negativity, this may take a while because without positivity and negativity in our lives, we wouldn't know our limits
  4. Talk to someone who knows what you want to learn and have them confirm for you its very much real.
  5. The most basic way, keep trying until you get it, that should help to quiet the negativity.
  6. Think positive thoughts about how you could do it. Like giving yourself a pep talk.

I hope this helps everyone out ^_^

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