> o> Hey everyone, As most of you may notice. This site is destroying itself. If you haven't noticed then where have you been all this time? I have been on this site for about 10 months now and I have noticed a few things that have changed. Some for the better and some for the worse. Now, I'm good about checking up on this site and see how it is doing. Been doing it for a while now. Now, when I first joined this site. It was a great time. The chat was always filled with happy people and people could talk to each other for hours about anything. It could be as simple as killing someone's turtle. (Cough Cough R.I.P Harold). We didn't have any of this immature stuff we have now. Hell, our biggest problem back then was Vegeta's cursing rampage xD. I'm not going to point fingers at who fault it is this site is going in the dumps because to be honest we are all at fault. Yeah, sure the site looks better. We have more content. The stuff is more organized. Congrats, we got something done. Honestly, that doesn't do anything if the people of the site aren't getting along. People are getting banned, People are doing unnmecessary stuff and it is driving people away. What do you think people say to themselves when they join a site that can't even get along? A site can't survive on pure content, it needs a driving communtity behind it. Right now we don't have that therefore this site will die. If you like and enjoy this site. Get your shit together and get along. If you are going to be a mod, don't abuse your power because at some point you will have abused it so much that you will not have anyone else there. Members do what you are suppose to do and everyone should enjoy themselves. I'm done being a dad I'm going to go eat blueberries. Adios~

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