I case you don't know what it is. I plan on polyphastic sleeping and seeing how it will work out and how much it will affect my psychic abilities. My schedule: PM Sleep/ 9:00-9:15 / 10:00-10:15/ 11-15/ AM/ 12-15/ 1-15/ 3-15/ 5-15/ 11:10-11:30 during school lunch/ PM/ 3:00 ish on school bus/

So i get about 2 hours a day starting on the 26 (if i can even fall asleep) i am an insomiac so adjusting should be fairly easy.During the night i will do various meditation and psionics. I cant do electronics to keep myself occupied because the last thing i need is to have my baggy eyes blamed on my kindle. So i will do psionics because i can easily stop what i am doing and lay down before my aunt walks in. If the experiment goes well, my abilities will improve at a much greater speed. Wish me luck.

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