I plan on making a paraliminal for sending and recieving telepathic messages. i can't say "telepathy" because it describes much more than simple communication. basically i will use it to see if it helps me and my cousin "recieve" and "send" telepathic messages.

Could a few people please help me with a few problems with paraliminals?

I need a few affirmations for the area of telepathy i mentioned at the top.i've done a little already on that.

I need an explanation for what the article meant by "inspiring anecdotes". I don't know exactly what it means by that.

"Each ear receives a unique message tailored to a different hemisphere of the brain. Rather than a series of repetitive affirmations, the messages are intricate and valuable in themselves. They include instruction, advice, and creative visualization exercises. " what does it mean by "creative visualization exercises"? could that be for the personal development audios therefor we dont need it?

nd anyone know any good free softwares for custon binaural beats for the mac? i will be using i plan on doing a diffferent frequency in each ear example-100 hz one ear and 110 hz for another.

If you agree to help me thank you.

what i plan on putting for my paraliminal

  • Part 1

first 5-10 min. -guided relaxation

  1. Relaxing Sounds and beats for relaxation
  2. Instructions for visualizing relaxation
  3. Affirmations to make relaxation easier and more effective example-"you feel vvveeerrryy relaxed"
  • Part 2

10-20ish min.- 2 voices and binaural beats

the 2 ears will constantly switch roles throughout the audio

Ear one-

  1. voice one positive suggestions Example "You easily recieve messages telepathically"
  1. Binaural frequency:example- 100 hz
  2. Relaxing sounds

Ear two-

  1. v'''oice two Inspiring anecdotes [what does that mean?]
  1. Different Binaural frequency:example- 110 hz
  2. Relaxing sounds

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