I see new incomers everyday outside the chat, their are more and more people coming in. This is a good sign to know. This is proving that people are believing in these skills we have, to like have fun developing them. One thing i'll say is to those A wikia contributors is that people are doing the best they can to bring up techniques for pages. Knowing that it isn't easy because you have to try it out to make sure you can actually do it, and so could others. In times of hardship, we need at least more people to believe in this than those who doubt. By having a strong belief through this, and the work of others, you can accomplish this all. My thing is that each different pages, i see AWC comments, and i'm thinking to myself: why are you here if you don't believe? I mean, if you don't believe in something, that's fine and all, but don't wreck others down. I have'nt been on the chat for a month and a few weeks, so like help us out. I assure you everything here is 100% real, and we give out time to do all this because we Love this site. I'll try bringing in new people of those who are opened mind, so that they may have their training in whatever they want to do. You have to think outside the box: do you believe, or do you waste your time by commenting on pages you yourself has never tried? Take a stand today, and see where the path takes you. Don't let your guard down by those who don't believe you. Fight through it, become a legend, live your life as us, and you'll see that it is nothing crazy going on. You are human, but you are a human with an untapped potential waiting to be used, be stronger, and used however you want. Stand strong, let yourself declare victory of doubts, and persecution of others today. AWC, i know you some or most of you like to put in negative comments on this site. Try out the abilities for a while, and help us to be a stronger site. If you can, sign up, I and everyone can help you overcome the obstacles you face through. Give us a chance. That's all i ask from you.

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