Hey everone, it's demetrick. Since yesterday (Friday) I have thought of something that could boost our training. Let me say this: i have not tried it yet, but i have this feeling it would work. So, you know how people say that to do bigger feats would take years to do? How about that could all change within weeks and months? That's right, i figured a way to enhance our abilities. It's not biokinesis or anything else with abilities, but subconsious programming. I read from Learn telekinesis training from the pendulum exercise that our subconsious does not believe to move bigger heavier objects. So my way of thinking is: to program it to believe it can move heavier objects. Same with all other abilities, we can enhance them greater with programming the mind. I thought of this positive self talk: I can move bigger heavier objects with telekinesis. My telekinetic powers can move heavy massive objects, along with creative visualization of you doing that great feat at the same time, so that your subconsious mind will pick up these new upgraded belief ideas, accept them, and hence forth, upgrading your abilities. Just meditate for 5 to 10 mins each day till you reach the theta brainwave state, then begin programming your mind with positive self talk of the ability or more you want to upgrade. I would say do this for a good 3 months, just to be on the safe side instead of doing it for a week. After a while, in theory, they should increase. And i recommend doing the positive self talk plus creative visualization for about 10mins, to 30 mins, to an hour each day when you get the chance. For this could help out the positive system to be absorbed within the subconsious more faster and easier. It won't be easy because some people might give up on trying it, but rest assure you, i will attempt this, and be successful, because success is all about being determined, strong, and always being on your guard, no matter what. This theory, if it works, i don't even know what to say because of the tremedeous changes we done for 3 months of a time, and we will be the best psions in the world. Keep up with the good work, and training. May the Light guide you to happiness.

Please feel free to express your opinions, but i want no rude, mean, or saying: Oh, this is impossible, it can't be done. I say the last one because i feel that's more of a doubt than helping, and you know, you never know what can be achieved if you don't try it. Like, it's all about keeping your head up, and just keep on moving forward.  Just keep it positive, for me, please??

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