This article i will explain what is energy, how we use it, who made the energy, and why does it effect our life. by demetrick

What is energy?[1]

Energy is an invisible substance that is all over the entire universe. In fact, the universe itself is created by energy, which had led on that life was made by it. Their are hundreds and million sources of energy out in the universe that is affecting our way and life, it's just we can't see it.

 Who made energy?Edit

I personally believe God made energy. It is said that energy can't be created or destroyed, but since their is nothing impossible to God, he was the one who made the substance. Like wise, everything around us is made of this substance, including us. That's what make's Telekinesis, energy manipulation, and other Kinetic abilities possible. He made all types of energy around the universe where we live in.

How do we use it?Edit

Like said before, their are many types of energy scattered in the universes, but the one's i know of can be used to create energy balls, attacks, and more.

Psi is the energy of one's mind. It originate's in the mind, and that's where All our Mind powers come to exist. Everyone is born with psi energy, some of us are not aware of our mental energy. the color of psi is purple

Ki, also called chi is the eternal energy that flows through all living and non living subjects. This energy is very powerful and can cause damage to the opponent. The energy is stored in your tan tien, 3 inches below your stomach, is where all your eenrgy is stored at. The color of your ki is green, and it can be used at command with training and knowledge.

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