Abilities like aerokinesis is going good. Telekinesis, not getting much results, but fear not, i shall not give up on No ability. it may take at least 7 months before i return to the chat. by then, i should have new powers, and done levitation of Telekinesis. Walker of light group is increasing. The number is 70 people in the group. if you guys wish to speak with me, my instagram is tele_you, twitter is cryoki, you all know about my facebook, or some who has kik messenger, i will reply to you all. I have found a girl who is interested in this that i am in love with. i will be training her time to time. Or you guys can come to my wiki chat, and we can talk their. May the Psi and Light be with you all. PS. keep up the good work on this wiki. i'm proud of you all:)

May the Force be with you.

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