i am not just a psionic, a light walker, or anything like that. I am a scientist. i study and gather each ability and practice them to get results for people to see. I also don't study just psionics, but weather, space, the Bermuda triangle, the lost city of Atlantis, Volcanoes, cooking, ghost and a energy explorer. I study all this, and one day i want to train everyone to become a powerful groupof psionics, so that we can help those who have the dieases and issues around the Earth. Psi balls generally can do just about anything, so the real medicine would come from the energy ball. I am, as most of you know: Super Psi. all these abilities are proven to be real because our subconsious mind has this infinite power that some of us(including myself has been in) and where we discover our powers, and New one's. Telekinesis is the most interesting ability that all Humans are capable, in fact, my studies conclude we all have all PK powers, some are natural to a certain degree, while others have to reprogram the subconsious mind to strengthen the abilities. Remember, the more you use them, the more stronger they will become, and eventually it will be second nature. With great power come's with responsibility. don't ever let someone control you or your life. you are who you wanted to be, and if being a psionic is something you like, go for it. No one in the world can stop you achieveing your goals. we have the powerful tool in the universe: the mind.  we all are born with Psionics, and i believe with great care, we can use these Special powers for the greater good. Good luck to you all.

PS. i'm not leaving psiwiki, it's just something about me and psionics. Written by Demetrick.

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