For some days now, i have not been practicing any psionics for the reason being busy. But fear not, i'm not quitting it. I know there were some people who kind of stopped on doing psionics because they were fustrated with the results they were not getting. A question: is psionics a sin? Even though i know it's not witchcraft or anything alike, do you believe it came from God, or something else? I have this thought of people saying that it is something bad. That's one of the things why people quitted psionics. I guess they believe it will hurt them and betray their religion just because their practicing something that does not seem natural, which indeed it is natural. I want hear your thoughts and opinions on this. To me, i think of psionics like a gift from God, to serve him better, and using it to worship him (that's my belief) How about you?

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