This is my point of view of Psionics and what we do in it. Hope you enjoy it. From all of psionics, the main thing to realize that everything we affect is using Science and physics. The reason why is that because everything we affect in the real world such as pyrokinesis, we're speeding up the atoms to release more energy to warm up the space around the user, or an object. Energy can accomplish just about anything, since forces, elements, and the entire universe is compossed with energy. To understand such phenomeon, we must research within the Subconsious and everyday influence life has on us. This is nothing based on magic.

 What is Science[1]

Science is the knowledge and unit of life. It is an everyday skill we use to solve problems with illness, climate changes, weather patterns, DNA code, decipher ancient writings, even study Mental capabilities. Without Science, humans could'nt have an idea what is going on around earth, or anywhere else that could change history. It's also where the Kinesis came in. This area of study is difficult to determine how they work because with the technology today, Scientist don't know how they work. This is our important area to study life everyday to Understand things we don't know how to explain.

 What is Physics[2]

The dynamics of forces, energy, Mass, weight, Joules, and more. The Idea for this is to Understand how forces and everything else works. I believe in this section, Psychokinesis is mainly acceptable. For an example, Telekinesis is using psi as kinetic energy to make energy (objects) go from having potential energy, to Kinetic. This ability is all about using physics, in some believe it to break the laws of phychics. Cryokinesis is the effect of atoms to slow them down in a space area, water, or objects, to take away heat, making it anti thermal energy, and casues to get really cold, and generate frost and ice, due to the atoms not having any heat energy to keep on making them move. Everything we affect with our minds, molecules, gravity, air, and earth is all based on Physics, as it is using energy to do the things with our thoughts. The friction is know to have impact of Psychokinesis as well due to it having microscopic hidden valleys and bumps. The object also has mass in it, which is why it is harder to move large objects. Kinesis wise, and Esp abilities are well known in Science, even though their unique abilities can't be explained scientifically, it is a New time for people to begin understanding what we can learn from both physics and science.

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