All those who are Light walkers, i'm cancelling the world Peace mission. It is a huge struggle to get peace everywhere around the planet. So, i'm changing it to moving the peace into neighborhoods and cities, instead of the entire Planet. The light walker group will not be dispatched, it will still exist as a Psi organization group. Getting better in Aerokinesis in aerokinesis, trying to enhance my intelligence through Biokinesis, and still working on Telekinesis, but not much training on all abilities each day. But soon, i will be back on the chat, giving in more ideas to build up this site, and i'll work on discovering more New Psi powers that are yet undiscovered. Oh yeah, i have a friend who lives in Kentucky who can double the size of his room, and i'm not joking. I'll try it out, and let you guys know that it went with a success.

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