Hey everyone. It's been a while since i seen most of you, and since i've been on psiwiki. I've been out in school, you knowing, learning and what not. During those times, i've lost my powers to psionics, and have'nt practice them since then. I've also been on social media a lot, like Google plus, and making new friends on there. I just been so busy, that i almost forgotten everything from here, but i retained the knowledge from my mind, and now tomorrow, i will get back in psionics, get back where i was at, and this time, i have a way to actually reconnect my abilities really quickly, so i can continue on advancing. It is a technique that only requires visualization, the 5 senses, and meditating. What i do is i sit down in a meditating position, relax the mind and body, and let go of the world around me. I begin to visualize myself wielding the abilities i used to practice. I get a feel of how i used them, the energy coursing through my hands when i was making psi balls, and the connection to whatever i was trying to move and cause effects to happen. I focus on this for a good 10 minutes to remind myself how it felt to wield Psionic Abilities.

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