Hey everyone. I missed you all so much. It's been a few weeks since i practiced most of the abilities on here. I gotten a little further in TeleKinesis, almost pulled my phone towards me. I've been out, on google +, meeting new friends, and being holy. I am still working on Gravitokinesis, though it's been a while since i worked on it. I promise not to give up on that. I'm doing great, getting the best time of my life with new amazing greatest friends in the world. I'm get back to psionics later on today, to strengthen my abilities, and help you guys with some methods i will be bringing here for you guys to try after i test them. I'll come on the chat to explain more of my upgrade of my abilities, and help out those in need of help. I'm also still working on being a beyond super human, more enhanced than a minor superhuman. All of the psionic abilties i will still try to develop and enchanced greatly. Teleportation will also be a success coming soon, along with phasing and such. Each day, i will make hard of all these abilities for 30 mins a day. I wish you all luck in Your training, and May the Light stay upon you all.

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