If anyone of you have problems with seeking with his smart mouth about anyone of you, or the abilities of scientific, let me know, and i will deal with him personally. He thinks that he knows the abilities much as anyone does. he believes that tychokinesis is a fake. well guess what seeking, it isn't. And if i find out you been doing something stupid around this wiki and calling people weak, i will ban you from the chat for a month. you think i'm playing with you about what i said? Try me, and see what happens. And for your information about calling us idiots on psionic scientist wiki because of the abilities, they were the contributer's ideas, not us. you are a disgrace to this wiki, saying that some of the abilities on Psiwiki on here do not work. How do you know they don't work? because your skepticism? If you don't believe in them, then you don't belong here, boy. you tried to gain more people in your group to do your things, while you wanted mine to be down for a while. And let us all not forget that he was doing illegal black market he was trying to bring here. i may be gone over the summer, but don't think that you can do whatever you want becaue i am gone. FYI, i'm not going to die when i go try to achieve world peace, because i already know what to do without any violence, so you can shut up about that. i will be getting reports about you on my phone if anything wrong or stupid you say to my friends. Truely, you are a great friend, and others as well. Make sure Seeking does'nt do anything foolish till my return to the chat. Farwell friends, and may the Psi be with you all. I will be watching you seeking, SO DON'T MAKE ANY STUPID IDEAS TO erase ANY ability on here, or i will get you when i get back!!!!! Maybe that will shut up your smart mouth talk against me and others. Luck is energy, SO DON'T AURGE WITH ME!!!!!!!!

One more thing, once i ban you from the chat, don't think you won't be getting back on anytime soon because it is your PUNISHMENT. everything is possible with the mind, you are blind to see that. Don't you ever in your life say i don't know nothing.

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