hey everyone. whew, training has been good. i been making cold psi balls, seeing to the future, and a bit telekinesis. What's up with you all? i miss you all alot. Things been different since i left, has'nt it? your doing an execllent work around this wiki. As soon as i return in decemeber, i'm share with everything i have been doing. I saw the work on constructs stormmer, Nice Job. it won't be long till i turn 17 on August 16.

Truely you are a cool dude, you know that? i can see you will be a great psionic warrior one day.

stormmer Nice work on the wiki. you are right to be am admin.

Horsy glad to see you are a chat mod. Execellent.

Torquil doing great

Avinious what's up?

seeking: though you sometimes do get on my nerves, you still cool by all means. yeah

Hero: keep up the good work.

i can't name everyone, but for all the New users, listen well and trust your instincts.  

Speaking of that, i want you guys to try out my telekinesis exercise i made. trust me, both omega 15 and my girlfriend says it works.

Another way you can do TK is first by finding a quiet place to meditate at for 10 mins. This will help to interact with the subconsious mind. Once you done that, find a small object like pen or pencil, and concentrate on it for 5 minutes without your mind wondering off. The next step is connecting with it. you can close your eyes, or have them open. Visualize the object in your mind. Believe you and the object are one. When you feel that you are connected, use the subconsious mind to move it. Trust me, this exercise reallly works, and people had tried this.      

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