• Django613

    Leaving the site

    December 28, 2013 by Django613

    As stated above, I'm leaving the site for various reasons. I have quit and come back many times. And who knows maybe I might come back one day, but it seems unlikely in the current state of my life. Good journeys to you all.

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  • Django613

    Unban Horsyqueen

    June 15, 2013 by Django613

    If you guys havnt noticed Horsyqueen also known as Rebecca Bentley has been banned. She was an admin and member that has supported this site since October last year. I think this is a stupid and wrong ban and a silly argue on her. Tell me what you think in the comments. She has been investing so much time in us since she joined. Made this wiki very much alive. And this is how we repay her? Because a few people dosnt like her she has to get banned? That is stupid and not fair treatment for her.

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  • Django613

    Hello Magnus here. The students has been chosen. I tried to pick both old and new members. To give everyone a chance. Sorry if you didn't get picked.

    The Students: TrustyPistol Truely Unknown Angeldareaper Novawave Chz Tea Jj27979 DaPowerofDaMind Vegeta8390

    If any of the students can't join or participate tell me NOW and if you can't be at any of the given times. Also tell me


    I realize the time zones are very different for each student. So I'm gonna do a voting for which time you would like

    15 - 16 PM CDT

    14 - 15 PM CDT

    13 - 14 PM CDT


    No specific day yet. We will do the voting first

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  • Django613

    SIGN UP CLOSED. Await results

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  • Django613

    Leaving - future plans

    December 25, 2012 by Django613

    Hey it's Xavier. I'm leaving this site officially, to make my own. I've bought the domain and is working hard to make it x) I do not wanna advertise or anything like that so if you wanna contact me  use as it will be my chatroom for now. Else I'm gonna be on exknights wiki.


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