Electrokinesis training course (By Xavier1408)

Hello there fellow psionics. I'm making a electrokinesis training course. I will accept THREE students only. So I can focus on them, and so they all get very good. Here is what you will learn:

part 1

The basic way of learning it, and beginner knowledge

Beginner skill level Including how to: Zap things, how to generate static electricity , how to transfer and absorb electricity.

part 2

Intermediate knowledge

"The Electrokinetic form"

Intermediate skill level including how to: make an electro ball, how to do diffrent kind of electrokinetic hand to hand combat techniques (This is where the electro form comes in) and much much more depending on the students skills.

part 3.

Advanced knowledge

"The lightning form"

Advanced skill level including how to: Make a lightning ball, how to generate lightning itself, how to handle lightning (this is hwere the lightning form comes in) how to make a storm via electrokinesis. And much much more depending on the students skill level. And maybe some secret techniques.

Extra things you will learn:

To have alot of self control, also in daily life.

If you didn't get it you will learn how to master lightning (And thats both dangerous AND awesome)

How to develope your own techniques

And how to move onto other energy kinesis.

To join pm me in chat or just comment with:

Your full name

Why you wanna learn electrokinesis (I expect more than: I wanna be powerful, in the end its the user with the best reasons that will join my course)

What you hope to gain with learning from me


I got so many who wanted to join. So I had to take more in no doubt about that :D I might run another course so those who didn't get in will have the opportunity again

The students are:

Chz Tea

Caleb Lee Lambright


Truely Unknown


NOTE: Friday has been moved to sunday.

Training courses will be Saturday and sunday 19 pm my time (Central European Summer Time)

If any of the students can't because of their timezone pm me and I will see what I can do.

You gotta pm me for chat room link and password

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