Welcome all! I am starting the nominations for the new Bureaucrat position, if it ends up needing to be filled. Please note that if Truely Unknown remains in the position, these nominations will be void.

For those of you who don't know, the Bureaucrat (often called B-crat for short) has the ability to appoint users to the position of Admin, Chat Moderator, Rollback and Bureacrat.

Elections are being held for this position first, due to the change in leadership. if a new B-crat is appointed, they will hold elections for the other positions (Admin, Chat Moderator and Rollback).

The rules for the nominations are as follows:

  • There are no self nominations allowed
  • Those being nominated must have a minimum of 100 edits to the wiki and have joined before March, 2014
  • Only registered users are allowed to nominate
  • In order for a nomination to be valid, someone must second it
  • No bribery or threats are allowed
  • Nominees must have past experience in site moderation
  • Anyone who is to be nominated must be at least 13 years of age
  • If nominated, the person has the right to decline and not be included in the elections
  • No yelling, cursing violently, calling names, or being rude during the nominations
  • All off-topic comments are prohibited. Anything that does not have to do with the nominations doesn't belong here

If you have a question or any disagreements with the terms, please message me on my wall and I will consider the necessary changes.

With that said, let the nominations begin!

Currently the candidates are:



Remember, in order for nominations to be valid they must be seconded. That means at least two people need to support the nomination. Once it has been seconded, unless the nominee refuses they will become a candidate for the elections.

The nominations are ending August 28th, 2014. This Thursday.

Following the end of the nominations will be the election, if necessary.

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