Hello everyone! So some of you know me, and some of you don't. For those of you who don't know, I was the one who adopted this abandon wiki and got it up and running. Anyway, this is about MB. After much arguing, I finally talked him into getting Admin rights. Why? Because this site is falling apart. There are constantly problems here. Since I am not active, have no rights, and am getting contacted about these problems, MB is going to handle things for me. I will be assisting him and directing him. If you have any disagreements take it up with me. He would not have the rights if I didn't push him into it. He fears he may get banned for it, but I said that wouldn't happen. So do not take action against him if you disagree. It is my doing alone. Horsy and TU, I would like to talk to both of you personally about this, so please meet with me at some point. If I am not here, I may be on the Weird Community Wiki, so check there.

Again, please do not be angry at MB for my decision. He simply trusted me.

And remember, I am doing this because I keep getting contacted by different users here about problems, and I trust MB.

I also got a few users to agree. I know it is not enough under normal circumstances, but at least it is not only me.

Thank you.

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