hey guys, i decided since i am becoming more experienced at EM each day, i thought i would share something.

a friend of mine recently showed me this site: . its a great site for energy manipulators of all levels. i started training on and off at august of the last year. so the starter techs in this site were a piece of cake for me :) so i proudly can say that my rank is nowwwwww- a beginner XD 

so today in my training im going to make a strong ki shield. after that i will try to make it energy absorbing, and then use the energy i absorb to make the shield spiky :)

anyways, i would like to also share a "hack" i found.  my friend said its a known trick, but i am still proud to find it. it is a very basic technique, but actually its a 4 in 1! you need to know these techniques of the starter page in the site above:

  1. spirit up
  2. grounding
  3. gathering energy
  4. ki flame

​so what you need to do is, stand in a comfortable position and do spirit up, grounding and gathering energy at the same time. this might require some focus. then, use the ki flame. you will feel brilliant! but a warning, i did that only one time, and got a serious headache, so be cautious :)

this is my first blog post so i would be happy to know what do you think !

have fun!

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