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    Meditation For All.

    February 9, 2014 by EllieLovesYou

    Meditation, the art of commonly sitting quietly while you may or may not think of anything else. Meditation is not only spiritually enlightening, it is also beneficial for your health and so forth. It calms your mind and body, increasing focus, concentration, etc. 


    1) Choose a preferably quiet/peaceful/undisruptive place to prepare yourself.

    2) Position yourself to a sitting position, if not available, laying down will be fine.

    3) Relax yourself completely, emptying your mind would be even more beneficial.

    4) Close your eyes and think about NOTHING at all.

    (*IF TRAINING IN PSIONICS/SKILLS; Visualize yourself being able to connect and control the materials that you aim to be able to*) 

    5) Breathe slowly in through your nose whilst out …

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