• I live in Mexico
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is Musician
  • I am Female
  • Enkeies

    I want to develop some Psychokinesis and ESP abilities, I KNOW I need to start with meditation first, relaxing, clearing my mind or even open chakras, and be patient... Also, if meditating I would know if I already got an ability. I've been working in it this time.

    Well.. My question is: what is the easiest way to start doing abilities? I mean, after meditating and stuff. Its better starting with ESP or Psychokinesis? For example: If I want to send energies or feelings to a person, but also send energy or energy manipulation to a thing.. What is the best way to start with, in order to develop better your energy transmition, with an object, a person, or what?  For example.. Telekinesis requiers concentration and your energy, also to convince…

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  • Enkeies

    Uhm so Im new here as user but.. I've been reading this wiki for a while. (sorry for my english)

    Well I hope someone can tell me what happenned to me and if it is an hability, and if its dangerous or not.. I have a lot of questions, and also would like to share this experience here. So here's the thing.

    Since I was child I like paranormal and psionics things but didn't pay too much attention to it. So... basically all started one year ago (14 years old) I was at a friend's house, where's like also parks and a lake. It was 19:00o'clock and suddenly I felt a very strange but good sensation, I felt very passively that all the things around me were actually.. dead. I can't describe so well the feeling 'cause.. I just dont know the words. It felt…

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