I want to develop some Psychokinesis and ESP abilities, I KNOW I need to start with meditation first, relaxing, clearing my mind or even open chakras, and be patient... Also, if meditating I would know if I already got an ability. I've been working in it this time.

Well.. My question is: what is the easiest way to start doing abilities? I mean, after meditating and stuff. Its better starting with ESP or Psychokinesis? For example: If I want to send energies or feelings to a person, but also send energy or energy manipulation to a thing.. What is the best way to start with, in order to develop better your energy transmition, with an object, a person, or what?  For example.. Telekinesis requiers concentration and your energy, also to convince your subcouncious you CAN do telekinesis. Otherway(esp), Empathy, telepathy or some other ESP abilities also consist sending your energy somehow or transmit something.. so which is the easiest way to develop your energy transmition? ESP or Psychokinesis? (generally talking) (after meditating, concentrating and stuff)? I hope you understand what im asking. Thank you :)

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