Ok, Everyone has been asking about the design and logo of the wiki. However instead of asking kindly like, Oh Sean, When will the backround be done? Instead you ahve to add your own level of ignorance and rudeness into the question and say. "Yo lazy ass, when are you gonna finish the stupid design?" Listen, I have things going on in my personal life and I think they are pretty damn more important then the wiki design. So all of you being rude need to mind your own buisness and stop harrasing me and the other admins about the design. NEXT, Im sick of the bullying and arguements, Bullying is a serious problem. People are gonna start getting banned for arguing weather your an admin, chat mod, or just a normal member. Even I find myself getting involved because i am trying to help. But that is it, if i see an argument people are getting banned. Ok well I hope you all have an amazing day and Good luck with Psionics!

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