Due to my last blog post on Wicca being popular and having questions about Gods and Goddesses of Wicca/Paganism i am going to write another blog about the Wicca/Paganism culture

Also these are not all teh Gods,Goddesses of Wicca/Paganism, only the most popular ones


Aphordite/Venus(Greek,Roman)-Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Passion

Artemis(Greek)-Goddess of Creativity,Hunt, and inspiration for Art

Bast(Egyptian)-Goddess of Protection,Beauty, and Security; often takes form of cat

Demeter(Greek)-Goddess of Protection and Motherhood; saved her daughter from the Underworld

Epona(Celtic/Roman)-the Horse Goddess;Goddess of Strength,Beauty,and Fertility;significent to young women

Fortuna(Roman)-Goddess of Fate, call upon her if you need change in luck

Hecate(Greek)-Goddess of Witchcraft and Crossroads

Isis(Egyptian)-Mother Goddess,Bringer of life;Goddess of Life and Procreation 

Lilith(Hebrew)Adam's firsy wife;turned into a demoness and flew away, Goddess of Freedom and Divorce 

Persephone(Greek)-Daughter of Demeter,Goddess of Rebirth

Inari(Japanese)-Goddess of Foxes,fertility, and rice; both male and female

Amaratsu(Japanese)-Goddess of the sun


Adonis(Greek)-Lover of Aphordite,god of Desirability

Dionysus(Greek)-god of wine and celebration

Eros(Greek and Roman)-God of Love, Passion, and Acceptance; Son of Aphordite/Venus

Horus(Egyptian)-God of Truth

Jesus Christ(Christian)-Personal savior of Christian, God of Love

Poseidon(Greek)- God of The Sea

Thor(Norse)-Thunder God,God of Strength

Thoth(Egyptian)-God of Reincarnation and Knowledge

Pan(Greek)-God of Nature

These are not all the Gods and Goddesses of Wicca/Paganism and i will add more to the list later. I hope this is a basic understanding of the Gods and Goddesses of Wicca/Paganism

                                                                                                                                      Erosfan222 aka Sean


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