Hey all psi wikians, and if you're not a psi wikian then become one! Because if you dont *pulls out knife* i cut you! Corny Jokes aside, I am here to talk about my idea that I got from a few of my friends! So I the idea is to have a Girl's Night and a Guy's Night. The Girl's Night would be a night when the girls have the chat to themselves. And they Guy's Night is when the guy's will have to chat to themselves. If I get good feedback then I will discuss with the other admins and chat mods that days of the month when this will occur. By the way, chances are this will probley only happen once or twice or month so don't freak out. My reasoning behind this idea is that it will establish kindness and blossom friendships. Plus its just a fun night where you can talk about Psionics or whatever is on your mind! (I know that sounded very corny) Also I dont know if any of you realized but lots of people dont get along so I think having some bonding time would be nice for everyone. So please take your time and think about it and tell me what you think in the comments. And please no rude comments unless you no longer want to live :D. Well have a nice day everyone!!!! BTW while there is guys or girls night on chat, the members of the oppiosite gender can work on pages that need to be worked on or need new info, All in all its a fun acticity and psi wiki doesnt have many so I think it would be nice

P.S. (If you have any suggestions, leave them down in th comments, I love hearing all of your suggestions)

P.S.S. (I got this idea from Amber......sorry Amber :P)

P.S.S.S (I like pie O_O)

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