Well hello friends and...non-friends I just wanted to let you all know I'm leaving. I tried with this site but nobody else wants to try. I'm nice to everyone most of the time but now I'm done. While my father was half dead in the hospital a b-crat who's name shall not be named was bugging me saying I needed to do my job. I'm sorry but when family is concerned, I dont really need to be worries about the site. Im sorry to my friends who are on here but this site is a place where people just want power, and I don't like that and won't be apart of it. If anyone wants to talk to me meet me on Ambers wiki: Divine Darkness Writers..You can find it on my profile. Well this is goodbye and I might visit once in awhile when certain people are not here. Good Luck with Psionics -----Sean   OH and my final duty as admin is reporting people who deserve to be reported. And I have evidence and people to back me up.

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