Keep in mind its just an idea, but hear me out. We have 3 admins, what if we have each admin be in charge of something.

For example

.1 admin can be in charge of the design of the wiki, they will have to listen to recommendtions of the members and such, 1 of mods will also work with them

. Another admin can work on teaching or helping new memebers with abilities. So if a member approches them with a question, they must awnser it. They will be able to have 2 mods help them. They may also check pages to see oif they have correct info(all admins and mods can do this)

.The 3rd admin will be in charge of kicking/banning/ and blocking if needed. They will also make rules for the wiki and they will take recommendtions for mods but they must have valid reasons for wanting to be mod. They will also have a mod help them out

Please let me knwo what you think!

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