I remember Watching a video by a wise Healer about When the Gods leave and why. At the time i did not understand what she was talking so I forgot about it. About 2 days ago a sudden sadness came over me. I have not been in this state in a while. I had no idea why but something felt different. Ever since Eros,my Patron God has come to me I have been happy again. However i remembered that video. See sometimes the Gods leave you when they know your ready. And the Gods and Goddesses let you go because they know you need to start helping yourself. But the Gods only do this because they care. They want to show you that you are strong and can help yourself. For many Pagans/Wiccans who went through this it is very hard and very sad because That God or Goddesses Loves and accepts you for who you are. But remember that that God or Goddess is always in your Heart. And that they only do this for you rown good,to show that you yourself are a God or Goddesses,because everyone is deep inside. So my goal now is to show my true power. Also remember that the Gods only do this because they believe in you and they want you to believe in yourself.


Erosfan222 aka Sean

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