Many people on this site do not understand why people choose Wicca and Paganism. Many Wiccans/Pagans I spoke to have told me that Wicca is a very free religion. Most worship nature but their is also Gods and Goddesses in the Religion. I honestly feel more free practicing Wicca, Unlike Christianity where it is very strict in what you can do in you daily life and lots of things are considered sins that are just natural. For example the Bible writes you will be damned for being Homosexual. However that is something one can not control, and its natural because people do not choose to be Homosexual or Hetrosexual,you are born that way. Proof that it is natural is Animals can be Homosexual as well. I have nothing againist Christians at all, in fact the Christian God is one of the Many Gods I worship. Also Jesus Christ is also a God in Wicca, but is known as Jesus the Pagan. I also honor many saints in the Christian relgion as well.

    Many wonder what Wiccans/Pagans really worship. People joke around and say we worship trees and rocks, mocking the religion. However Nature is very important in our religion, we believe in not harming it and protecting it and life that lives in it. However their is Gods and Goddesses in our religion. Their is Gods and Goddesses for each thing for example one God or Goddesses could rule the sea , where another one could be the God or Goddesses of Love. Their is probley a God or Goddesses for everything like Healing,Rebirth,Love,Life,Protection and many other things. We worship many Greek,Roman,Celtic,Egyptian,and Norse deities. But their is also some from other Relgions mixed in with it.

    This is where Wiccans/Pagans get trashed the most. They think we preform  Satanic spells, horrible potions, and preform Satanic Rituals. That is all false, yes we do do Spells,potions,and rituals but they are not bad. most spells we preform harm nobody and usally help people. And all religions preform rituals. Many may not know but a communion is a Christian ritual. And priest,monks,and nuns are witches. a witch is not just in Wicca and Paganism. There are witches in Christianty,Muslim,Hindu, and many other religion. the truth is every religion has Witches. Because a witch is someone who practices the craft of the wise. But because of fictional stories, the word witch has so much negativity with the word. That why many Wiccans either call thems Wiccans,Pagans,Spirtualist, because Witch is no negative.

    I hope this helped you understand Wicca a little bit better, I will be post stuff in the future about the Wiccan religion.  

                                                                                                                Erosfan222 aka Sean



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